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Maintenance of Centralized Feeding System of Film Blower

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The centralized feeding system of film blower has brought many benefits to the plastic products industry. More and more excellent enterprises take the initiative to purchase the centralized feeding system of plastic film blower. It can help the production enterprises improve their automation, enhance their image, reduce production costs, improve product quality and obtain more orders.

_First, daily maintenance

_is responsible for the main equipment of the centralized feeding system, observes the handover, records its operation, completes the registration and handover, such as the parameter setting of the central console, the operation sound of the vacuum station, the dust treatment of the dust removal device, the smooth delivery of raw materials, whether the compressed air is in the normal range, whether there is a lack of materials, etc.

_Second and Monthly Maintenance

_Regular monthly inspections of centralized feeding system equipment, such as air tightness inspection of pipeline connectors, filter cleaning of dust removal devices, inspection of seals, check of air shutoff valves and material shutoff valves, inspection of electrical parts, etc.

_Third and quarterly maintenance

_Quarterly maintenance and inspection, such as temperature rise of fan in vacuum station, tightness of conveying pipeline, circumstance of bend, circumstance of compressed air hose, circumstance of cylinder, solenoid valve, circumstance of transparent hose, etc.

_Fourth, Annual Maintenance

_The equipment of the centralized feeding system should be maintained in an all-round way every year. It is better to use holidays to overhaul the equipment and replace the fragile parts. In order to improve the utilization rate of equipment and normal operation of equipment, normal maintenance of equipment is indispensable.