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Gravure Printing of Gravure Printing Press

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Gravure printing is short for gravure printing, which is one of the four printing methods. Gravure printing is a direct printing method, which directly imprints the ink contained in the gravure pit onto the impression. The depth of the impression is determined by the pit size and depth. If the pit is deep, it contains more ink, and the ink layer left on the impression is thicker. On the contrary, if the pit is shallow, the ink content is less, and the impression after impression is less. The ink layer left on it is thinner. Gravure printing plate is composed of pits corresponding to the original text and the surface of the plate. When printing, the ink is filled into the pit. The ink on the surface of the plate is scraped off with a scraper. There is a certain pressure contact between the plate and the substrate. The ink in the pit is transferred to the substrate to complete printing.

Gravure printing, as a kind of printing technology, occupies an extremely important position in the field of printing packaging and graphic publishing due to its advantages of thick ink layer, bright color, high saturation, high printing resistance, stable printing quality and fast printing speed. From the point of view of application, gravure printing is mainly used for fine publications such as magazines, product catalogues, packaging printing, banknotes, stamps and other securities printing, but also for decorative materials and other special fields; in China, gravure printing is mainly used for soft packaging printing. With the development of gravure printing technology in China, gravure printing has also been used in paper packaging, wood decoration, leather materials, pharmaceuticals. Product packaging has been widely used. Of course, gravure printing also has its limitations, the main shortcomings are: the technology of pre-press plate making is complex, the cycle is long, and the cost of plate making is high; because of the use of volatile solvents, the content of harmful gases in the workshop is high and the health of workers is greatly damaged; gravure printing practitioners require relatively high treatment.