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What are the characteristics of gravure press?

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In gravure printing, the printing cylinder is inked on the whole plate, scraping the ink from the blank part of the plate with an ink scraper, leaving the ink from the graphic part, then passing through the paper and pressing the ink from the impression cylinder on the back of the paper, so that the ink from the concave part is transferred directly to the paper surface, and finally the printed matter is stacked or rolled up by the receiving part.

Characteristics of gravure press:

Gravure printing products have the advantages of thick ink layer, rich layers, strong stereo sense and good printing quality. They are mainly used for printing exquisite color pictures, trademarks, decorations, securities and color newspapers. Gravure press has not been widely used in China due to its complex plate-making process, long cycle and environmental pollution caused by benzene-containing ink. Therefore, measures such as improving plate-making process, shortening plate-making time, using non-polluting ink, reducing energy consumption and reducing costs are being studied and improved.

_Gravure printing machine is characterized by the gravure part of the plate concave, the blank part protruding, and the layout structure of the relief printing machine is exactly the opposite. When printing monochrome, the machine first dips the printing plate in the ink tank and rolls, then the whole printing plate surface is coated with ink layer. Then, scrape the ink layer which belongs to the blank part of the printing plate surface, and form the blank part of the protruding part, while the concave part fills the ink, the deeper the concave part, the thicker the ink layer. The machine transfers the ink from the recessed part to the printed matter by pressure, so as to obtain the printed matter.

_When printing multi-colour, overprinting or indirect local inking are used to distribute the ink of various colours on the surface of the plate according to the need. The basic principle of printing multi-colour is the same as that of printing single colour. There are two prints used in gravure press, one is photogravure, that is, photogravure, and the other is engraving. The engraving methods of engraving include manual engraving, mechanical engraving and electronic engraving.